In the end, it isn't the dark itself that frightens us. It's what lurks in the shadows, just waiting for us to make that one step out of the road we were destined for that makes us wary, moving slowly, groping for an edge of reality we can hold on to and use as our guide in the dark.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vignette 1 - Forever

I have found my other half. My one, my only. My heart, my soul, my muse and inspiration. I have found someone to love. Someone to live with. Someone to live for. Not my first love, but my true love. The truest I have encountered and the truest I believe I ever will encounter. Something I am certain of. Something I can hold on to. Through thick and through thin, through fire and through water, I will stay with you. I love you with all that composes my entire being. I will stay, my love. Forever.

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Kallista Pendragon- The Beautiful Goddess Queen(and Thief in Black) said...

WOW! VEry beautiful Noam! :D *hugs tight*
I can't wait to read more!