In the end, it isn't the dark itself that frightens us. It's what lurks in the shadows, just waiting for us to make that one step out of the road we were destined for that makes us wary, moving slowly, groping for an edge of reality we can hold on to and use as our guide in the dark.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Turn to Speak Up

I haven't said anything major yet. I haven't openly sided with any side. I've been watching everything that's been going on lately and I've been objective about it.

I've had enough of this fucked up childish power play. I've had enough of thinking everything's dying down, and then one person comes and fucks everything up again. I've had enough of watching people I consider my friends get hurt, by other people I also consider friends. I've had enough of people saying they're the victim. I've had enough of hiding in the shadows, not saying anything to distinctly attach me to one side or another.

I'm starting my own side. The side that says I've Had Enough. Not because something was done to me personally. On the contrary, I have not been harmed by anyone. I just want these fights to stop! And they won't stop until both sides realize they have to stop.

Here are things I side with:

-People can be on whatever chat they want. They can choose who they want to speak with at a given moment. They can choose who they want to ignore.
This does not mean one can be on a chat where certain people have problems with certain things, and ignore that person.

-People can do whatever the fuck they want, unless it hurts one person and/or more. And it is not your choice to decide whether that person's hurt is genuine or not.

-The hurt cycle has to stop. All you people purposely going on AF just to upset Dragona or anyone else? For fuck's sake just stop it. If you hate him, just go on other chats. Pretend he doesn't exist. I'm sure you'll be much happier like that. Stop being so fucking childish and let the fuck go of things that happened a long time ago. Dragona? Posts like the one you wrote about Skyril have to stop. They just make everyone more and more against you. I understand that you've taken enough crap to last a lifetime, but occasionally, you deserve it. You can be over-controlling sometimes, and some people don't like it, and I don't blame them. But instead of throwing the crap right back at them, be the mature one that says 'I don't have to take this shit from you' and just move on! The fact that you're showing how much it upsets you just makes some people more eager to hurt you. It's twisted, it's wrong, but it's true.

-No more posts about a particular case and/or a particular person doing something wrong. Posts like this always show one side of things. There's always another. There's always some sort of misunderstanding. If people would just stop and fucking talk to the person they think is hurting them, some things won't turn out as bad as they could. This goes the other way around- if you're hurting someone, and they ask you politely, genuinely, "Why??", answer them truthfully. Don't bully, don't insult, say exactly what you think that person has done to deserve what you are doing to them. And if there was a misunderstanding, apologize!

-If you're hurt by someone- tell them! Some people actually don't realize what they're doing or saying is wrong! Don't expect people to read your mind. It much easier to be insensitive on a chat or on comments to a post than in real life. Understand that, accept that, and act accordingly. Do not write a public declaration of what that person has done, because that makes you an empathy-seeking attention-craver. Maybe you aren't, but that's what it seems like to a whole lot of people.

I think that's all. If I've offended anyone here, I'm really sorry. I don't have anything against anyone, and I hope I've never done anything to hurt anyone.

So yeah, I've spoken up now. I hope you guys understand.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Superhero OC

Name: Sahar Esh (translation- Fire Moon. Named after the fifth moon of planet Klomcorious, a sphere of a cold, liquid, lava-like substance)

Age: 15 Klomcorious years, 210 earth years. Appears 15.

Height- 1 meter, 44 cm (4’8”)
the hairstyle I had in mind
Weight- changes according to the weight of the substance her hands are at a given moment.
Eye Color- a very, very dark indigo.
Hair- normally styled in a long plait that starts on top of her head and goes down to her lower back. Redhead.
Body Build- Humanoid. Very short and quite slim. Elfish features (no pointy ears, though). Athletic build. Pale skin (if you look closely, it’s close to a lilac shade, but normally looks white)
Personality- daring, curious, adventurous, a quick learner, still very awkward around humans. Is very energetic and a passionate talker. Has a very strong sense of justice and can decide instantly whether she likes a certain person or not. Things considered trivial around humans (the existence of household pets) astound her, though things like mathematics, physics, rocket-science, religion, etc, seem unnecessary to her.

Costume: Knee-high boots she has brought with her from Klomcorious (they have adjustable friction and do not make noise). Other than that, normal everyday clothes. Sahar likes t-shirts with supposedly humorous imprints such as ‘I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person’.

Powers: Can turn her hands into any substance she knows about. If solid- her hands remain in the shape of hands. If liquid or plasma- Sahar can shape it in any way she wants, but using only the mass of liquid equal to her hand’s mass. If gas- can detach itself from her arms and move according to her will. Arms look like stumps until the gas is inhaled by something or someone, or called back by her, in which case her arms grow back in their normal state.

Weapons: Has a strong fear of guns, double barreled shotguns in particular. Dislikes explosions. Uses her hands in combat.

Skills: Can single-handedly pilot a vacuum-powered spaceship. Is good with electronic circuits, but doesn’t understand computers and phones. Since arriving on earth, has learnt MMA to quite impressive achievements. Fluent in 7 languages (English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, and Lomcor [Klomcorious’ native language])

Source of Powers: The Klomcorious race is very intent on speeding up evolution processes. Sahar was a lab-grown experiment that was meant to develop a new Klomcorian race stage with the ability to transform themselves into anything by will. She hatched and proved a great success, and the Me’itscim (pronounced meh-ee-zim, Lomcor for Accelerators) have given her the tools to travel the Universe in search of all substances. They want her to come back as soon as she finds them all so they could extract the information from her brain (yes, that’s as painful as it sounds) and implant it in the new generation’s chromosomes.  She knows better than to get back to Klomcorious, and she’s developed a fondness for earth and mankind, so she stayed.

Weaknesses: Very, very socially awkward. Can become too loyal too quickly, and her impulse to do what is right leaves her quite vulnerable to traps and the likes. She bonds very easily, and is insulted very easily. Stands out in a crowd, draws attention to self by shouting when things get too silent in her opinion. If she turns her hands into a solid and they break/tear (fabric)/etc then her hands don’t grow back (has a missing piece on her left little finger from when the Me’itscim tested that).

Villains: The Me’itscim, I suppose? Any organization that would want to take her and do experiments on her?

Motivation: Curiosity and an impulse for there to be justice. Will most likely physically harm a person who cheated on their loved ones, but will not touch a person who steals a television so they could sell it so their family would have food.

Principal/Goal: To be loved. Not as a successful experiment, not as a skilled spaceship pilot, not as a phenomenon, but as a friend, a personality.

Secret Identity/Alias/Normal name: Alice Lang.

Occupation: Doesn’t go to school. Lives in a fancy studio apartment in central London. Has enough money to buy the entire planet, if she wanted to, due to a program in her spaceship. Her spaceship is kept in her apartment.

Other- Loves reading, is attracted to (can fall in love with) humans of any gender, wishes she had a family.