In the end, it isn't the dark itself that frightens us. It's what lurks in the shadows, just waiting for us to make that one step out of the road we were destined for that makes us wary, moving slowly, groping for an edge of reality we can hold on to and use as our guide in the dark.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Vignette 4 - Infinity

Lately, the concept of infinity has been cropping up a lot in my life. In maths, asymptotes, an infinate line through which a graph can't pass. In physics, a relative concept, undefined and quite fascinating. A book I've recently read, The Fault in our Stars, discusses infinity. But more than that, infinity is how happy I am, and how much I love him, annd how much I miss him, and how glad I am that she's my friend, and how whole I am with the person I am.

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Kallista Pendragon- The Beautiful Goddess Queen(and Thief in Black) said...

*hugs tightly* I love what you said, this is wonderful! You are such an amazing person with such wonderful thigns to say and write!
I am glad I could read this! Thank you for posting this!